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STELLINI news RUSSIAN 2015 cover

On 30 October 2015 we officially presented the Stellini.RU
The company is located near Ivanovo, the traditional Russian textile center.
This brand new facility is equipped with Jacquard looms and knitting machines, we are specialized in the production of all the fabrics required in the production of mattress and beds.


Weaving Jacquard fabrics
Knit Jacquard fabrics
Border fabrics
Furniture fabrics



Stellini.RU is part of the Stellini Textile Group s.r.l. an Italian company that with its 6 production sites around the world is one of the leaders in this industry.
We are proud to produce in Russia a full range of products with compositions that vary from cotton to viscose and polyester plus several other special yarns like Tencel and various finishing.

Chemical, fiber or lamination finishing
Flame retardant
Antibacterial or Not Bed Bugs
Anti-color degradation
Water and Stain resistant

The designs are coming mainly from Italy but we are organizing soon our local design center.