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The ideas that take shape.

A year ago, because of the economic situation and of the consequent devaluation of the Russian ruble, we had to revise our corporate strategy to give concrete support to our customers. In January, we dusted off an old project, starting with a production plant in Russia.Thanks to a series of positive and purposefully meetings and our outstanding gift of entrepreneurial unconsciousness, in only few month we started to realize a new start-up, the Stellini.RU based in Ivanovo, the traditional Russian textile center. The Stellini.RU already has a decent fleet of machines and is ready to face any challenge on the Russian market and northern Europe. On 30 October 2015, we have officially presented our new project, organizing a good party attended by authorities, customers, suppliers and friends, we thank them with this newsletter for the affection and attention they have shown us.

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The new Stellini Russian factory – Jacquard and Knit fabrics for mattresses and furniture.